Alliance Fencing Academy promotes good sportsmanship on and off the strip,
as well as an opportunity to train with the area’s finest coaches and international level athletes.

Alliance Fencing Academy

Fencing Instruction, Classes, and Lessons
in Houston and The Woodlands

Why fencing?

The elegant sport of fencing, always popular in Europe, is now gaining phenomenal popularity in the United States and in the Greater Houston area. Many Americans are discovering the benefits of fencing such as helping young people gain admission and scholarships to prestigious universities as well as providing a life-long sport in which physique and age are not limitations. Fencing is often referred to as Physical Chess. It develops both your mind and body.

What are the benefits of fencing?

  • Fencing is an Olympic Sport
  • Fencing is an NCAA Sport helping young people to gain admission and scholarships to prestigious US universities
  • Fencing provides PE Credit Hours for Middle School and High School Students

Why choose Alliance Fencing Academy?

Because at Alliance Fencing Academy, we’re focused on providing a rewarding experience that will build confidence, reinforce teamwork and inspire the personal growth necessary for your child to take the next step in life.

  • Alliance is home for the 2013 Cadet World Champion and several Cadet/Junior World Championship medalists
  • Alliance is home for two U.S. national coaches Andrey Geva and Benoit Bouysset whose primary responsibility is to qualify and lead the women and men’s epee teams for the upcoming Rio Olympics
  • Many of our fencers have received athletic and academic scholarships in the top US universities. Alliance fencers have been selected to represent NCAA fencing teams at Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Duke, UPenn, Northwestern, Penn State, Brandeis, Temple, the Air Force Academy, etc.
  • 16 of our fencers are members of Team USA and Great Britain national teams
  • Our fencers earned over 20 medals in various international competitions including world championships events
  • 32 are USA national champions and over 30 are in the national points standings
  • Over 80 fencers have earned classification letters from “E” to “A” at the different local and national tournaments.

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