12 Medals at Junior Olympics!

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Junior Olympics Fencing Championships 2015
Richmond, Virgina / February 13-16, 2015

Alliance earned 12 medals over the weekend at “JO’s!” The results of this tournament also aided in determining the fencers that will be representing the US at the Junior/Cadet World Championships in Uzbekistan! We will be announcing the fencers shortly! Stay tuned!


Alliance Fencing Academy 1 (Anton Piskovatskov, Jonathan Piskovatskov, Michael Popovici, Darius Zacharakis)
Gold Junior Men’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy 1 (Ally Micek, Barbara VanBenthuysen, Gigi Vierheller, Madi Antekeier)
Bronze / Junior Women’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy 2 (Aidan Antekeier, TJ Petrosewicz, Esteban Sanchez, Sean Wilson)
4th / Junior Men’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy 2 (Kendyl Bree, Camille Simmons, Jessica Thow )
4th / Junior Women’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy 3 (Lizzie Chiang, Jessica Liang, Lauren Natkin )
13th / Junior Women’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy 3 (Travis Amsbaugh, William Graber, Nico Popovici, Patrick Satterfield)
19th / Junior Men’s Epee Team


Anton Piskovatskov
Gold / Junior Men’s Epee

Robin Cheong (Olympian/Alliance)
Bronze / Cadet Men’s Epee
7th / Junior Men’s Epee

John Cramerus
Bronze / Junior Men’s Epee

Gigi Vierheller
Bronze / Cadet Women’s Epee
Bronze / Junior Men’s Epee

Nicolas Wilson
Bronze / Cadet Men’s Epee

Sean Wilson
6th / Junior Men’s EPee
43rd / Cadet Men’s Epee

Wolfe Crouse
8th / Cadet Men’s Epee
29th / Junior Men’s Epee

Michael Popovici
8th / Junior Men’s Epee

Point Winners:

Ally Ryf
10th / Junior Men’s Epee

Barbara VanBenthuysen
17th / Cadet Women’s Epee
27th / Junior Women’s Epee

Farrah Lee-Elabd (Olympian/Alliance)
18th / Cadet Women’s Epee
18th / Junior Women’s Epee

Jonathan Piskovatskov
21st / Junior Men’s Epee
22nd / Cadet Men’s Epee

Madi Antekeier
28th / Junior Women’s Epee

Travis Amsbaugh
35th / Cadet Men’s Epee
37th / Junior Men’s Epee

Nico Popovici
38th / Cadet Men’s Epee
56th / Junior Men’s Epee

Jessica Thow
41st / Cadet Women’s Epee

Ally Micek
43rd / Junior Women’s Epee

Jessica Liang
47th / Junior Women’s Epee
52nd / Cadet Women’s Epee

Demetri Zacharakis
49th / Cadet Men’s Epee

Camille Simmons
64th / Junior Women’s Epee

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