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Capitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
January 14 – 16, 2017 / National Harbor, Maryland


Ark Ma
Silver / Youth 12 Men’s Epee
36th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Lexy Caldera
7th / Youth 10 Women’s Epee

Point Winners:

Talia Weiss
9th / Youth 14 Women’s Epee

Miles Weiss
14th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Mihir Kumashi
16th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Nicholas Gregory
20th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

Nika Filippov
26th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Alexander Liu
30th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

Damiano Marsili
33rd / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Stephen Nehila
50th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee



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January North American Cup
January 6 – 9, 2017 / Columbus, Ohio


Gigi Vierheller
Silver / Junior Women’s Epee
Bronze / Division 1 Women’s Epee

Eliot Herbst
5th / Junior Men’s Epee

Point Winners:

Anna Van Brummen
9th / Division 1 Women’s Epee

Lewis Weiss
9th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Madi Antekeier
13th / Junior Women’s Epee

Darius Zacharakis
14th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Isaac Herbst
16th / Junior Men’s Epee
16th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Jonathan Piskovatskov
19th / Junior Men’s Epee
25th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Ari Rausch
21st Division 1 Women’s Epee
36th / Junior Women’s Epee

Barbara VanBenthuysen
21st / Junior Women’s Epee
42nd / Division 1 Womemn’s Epee

Jessica Liang
31st / Junior Women’s Epee

Anton Piskovatskov
33rd / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Ally Ryf
33rd / Division 1 Women’s Epee

Sean Wilson
36th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Ally Micek
41st / Junior Women’s Epee
64th / Division 1 Women’s Epee

Ari Simmons
45th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Camille Simmons
58th / Junior Women’s Epee

Go Alliance!!!



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Alliance had close to 70 fencers in its Annual Winter Camp!!

Alliance had many fencers that visited from around the US as well as of course our own home members and returning college fencers. Coaches Andrey, Sergey, and Natalie led our Youth 10, Youth 12, Youth 14, Cadet, Junior and Adult fencers from 9:00am – 3:00pm for camp, as well as giving lessons and running our normal Alliance classes. Whew!! That’s a long workday!!! Many of our Alliance families acted as host parents once again to host the many visiting fencers that made a our camp even more successful. Thank you to our fencers, parents and coaches for all of your hard work!!!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years!!! May 2017 be even better than 2016!!!



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