Awesome Results at Richmond NAC

North American Cup and Division-I/Wheelchair National Championships

April 12 – 15, 2013 / Richmond, Virginia

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Alliance was very busy this weekend with the World Championships in Croatia, and the North American Cup in Richmond, VA!! Alliance took medals in every Youth Epee category in this competition, as well as marvelous results in Division-I Women’s and Men’s Epee events!!

13 Medals Total!!!


Alliance Fencing Academy-I (TJ Petrosewicz, Jonathan Piskovatskov, Nicolas Wilson, Sean Wilson)
Gold / Youth 14 Men’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy-II (Farrah Lee-Elabd, Jessica Thow, Barbara Vanbenthuysen, Gigi Vierheller )
Gold / Youth 14 Women’s Epee Team

Farrah Lee-Elabd (Olympian/Alliance)
Gold / Youth-14

Dina Bazarbayeva (Northwestern/Alliance)
Bronze / Division-I

Madeline Antekeier
8th / Division-I

Jonathan Piskovatskov
Silver / Youth-12
Bronze / Youth-14

Ariana Rausch
Silver / Youth-10

Nicolas Wilson
Silver / Youth-14

Aidan Antekeier
Bronze / Youth-14

Jessica Thow
Bronze / Youth-12
13th / Youth-14

Gigi Vierheller
5th / Youth-14

Isaac Herbst
6th / Youth-10
31st / Youth-12

Point Winners:

Ethan Green
12th / Youth-12
26th / Youth-14

Barbara Vanbenthuysen
12th / Youth-14

Andrew Graber
14th / Youth-10

John Cramerus
17th / Division-I

TJ Petrosewicz
17th / Youth-14

Robin Cheong (Olympian/Alliance)
19th / Youth-14

Sean Wilson
27th / Youth-14

Thank you to Alliance fencers who represented us in the team competition:

Alliance Fencing Academy (John Cramerus, Anton Piskovatskov, Michael Popovici)
9th / Senior Men’s Epee

Alliance Fencing Academy-II (Kendyl Bree, Aria Herbst, Abigail Zientek)
7th / Youth-14 Women’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy-II (Matthew Cramerus, Aidan Antekeier, William Graber, Corbin Wilson)
9th / Youth-14 Men’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy-III (Mike Bissinger, Alex Cope, Andrei Ivaschenko, Demetri Zacharakis)
21st / Youth-14 Men’s Epee Team


Both Youth-14 Men’s and Women’s Alliance Fencing Academy’s teams became the National Champions taking Gold in the team competitions!

Our Youth-14 boys dominated the medal podium taking Silver and both Bronze Medals!

Dina Bazarbayeva and Madeline Antekeier finished 3rd and 8th respectively in the Division-I competition. This was their best career result in this category.

Youth-14 Women’s Epee fencer Catherine Barrett fought hard being down 12-5, and caught-up to her opponent 12-12 before losing in overtime with the ending score of 13-12. Way to go, Catherine!!

For many of our fencers, this was their first National competition. Congratulations to the fencers and parents for doing such a great job!

Thank you to our Coaches for working so hard to make sure great fencers!!


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