Carrollton RYC/RJC

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Spruill Two Blades over Texas Reg 5 RYC/RJC
Carrollton, Texas / February 24 – 26, 2017

Imrek, Elijah
Gold / Youth Mixed Epee

Rausch, Ariana
Gold / Youth 14 Women’s Epee
Gold / Junior Men’s Epee

Gregory, Sasha
Silver / Youth 10 Mixed Epee
8th / Youth 12 Women’s Epee

Hughes, Levi
Silver / Youth 14 Men’s Epee
Bronze / Junior Men’s Epee (earned C2017 rating!!)

Kumashi, Mihir
Silver / Junior Men’s Epee

Liu, Christina
Silver / Youth 12 Women’s Epee

Imrek, Sam
Bronze / Y12 Men’s Epee

Marsili, Damiano
Bronze / Youth 14 Men’s Epee (earned D2017 rating!!)

Toffelmire, Amelia
Bronze / Youth 14 Women’s Epee
(earned D2017 rating!!)

Buswell, Alex
5th / Youth 10 Mixed Epee

Ferguson, Mary
5th / Youth 14 Women’s Epee

Gray, Sterling
5th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

Xu, Evan
5th / Junior Men’s Epee

Gregory, Elizabeth
6th / Junior Women’s Epee (earned C2017 rating!!)

Cope, Alexander
7th / Junior Men’s Epee

Ferguson, Nateli
7th / Youth 12 Women’s Epee

Nehila, Stephen
7th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee (earned E 2017 rating!!)

Tipler, Tristan
7th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

Liu, Alexander
8th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

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