Six Alliance Fencing Academy fencers represented the United States at the World Cup event in Finland!!


Alliance fencer Gigi Vierheller brought home a Silver medal. Fellow Alliance teammate Barbara VanBenthuysen from The Woodlands, TX took 5th in the event.


Alliance Fencing Academy member Jonathan Piskovatskov placed 5th in the Men’s Team Event.



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Spruill Two Blades over Texas Reg 5 RYC/RJC
Carrollton, Texas / February 24 – 26, 2017

Imrek, Elijah
Gold / Youth Mixed Epee

Rausch, Ariana
Gold / Youth 14 Women’s Epee
Gold / Junior Men’s Epee

Gregory, Sasha
Silver / Youth 10 Mixed Epee
8th / Youth 12 Women’s Epee

Hughes, Levi
Silver / Youth 14 Men’s Epee
Bronze / Junior Men’s Epee (earned C2017 rating!!)

Kumashi, Mihir
Silver / Junior Men’s Epee

Liu, Christina
Silver / Youth 12 Women’s Epee

Imrek, Sam
Bronze / Y12 Men’s Epee

Marsili, Damiano
Bronze / Youth 14 Men’s Epee (earned D2017 rating!!)

Toffelmire, Amelia
Bronze / Youth 14 Women’s Epee
(earned D2017 rating!!)

Buswell, Alex
5th / Youth 10 Mixed Epee

Ferguson, Mary
5th / Youth 14 Women’s Epee

Gray, Sterling
5th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

Xu, Evan
5th / Junior Men’s Epee

Gregory, Elizabeth
6th / Junior Women’s Epee (earned C2017 rating!!)

Cope, Alexander
7th / Junior Men’s Epee

Ferguson, Nateli
7th / Youth 12 Women’s Epee

Nehila, Stephen
7th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee (earned E 2017 rating!!)

Tipler, Tristan
7th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

Liu, Alexander
8th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee



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Badawi Challenge
Austin, Texas / February 4-5, 2017

Fencers from Alliance Fencing Academy brought home 44 medals in last weekend’s USFA-sanctioned Regional fencing competition in Austin, Texas. The 2017 Badawi Challenge 2017 hosted over 25 different clubs competing. As a United States Fencing Association (USFA) sanctioned competition, fencers could earn an opportunity to qualify to compete in the Junior Olympics and National Fencing Competitions. Sanctioned events also allow athletes to earn fencing ratings. Six Alliance Academy Fencers earned higher ratings at the Badawi Challenge!!a

Youth 10 Men’s Epee
Peyton Young – Silver
Sawyer Pham – Bronze
Sergey Kudriatcev – Bronze
Chase Gomez – 5th
Elijah Imrek – 6th
Lyle Lundberg – 12th
Harris Thomas – 13th
Luca Bisono – 14th
Dylan Chin 18th

Youth 10 Women’s Epee
Heidi Hess – Gold
Alexsandra Gregory – Silver
Zoe Chernis – Bronze
Eliana Geva – 5th
Lexi Caldera – 6th
Khadijah Ahmed – 8th
Merritt Skubicz – 13th

Cadet Men’s Epee
Ark Ma – Gold B17
Mihir Kumashi – Bronze – C17
Albert Landa – 5th
Miles Weiss – 7th
Levi Hughes – 8th
Evan Xu – 9th
Peter Buck – 13th
Sam Imrek – 15th
Brandon Wang – 16th
Rohaan Saripella – 18th
Matthew Atanas – 19th
Stephen Nehila – 23rd
Robert Washbourne – 25th

Cadet Women’s Epee
Ari Rausch – Gold – A17
Jessica Liang – Silver
Talia Weiss – 7th – C17
Jessica Thow – 8th
McKenzie Moton – 10th – D17
Amber Nussberger – 14th
Monica Balakrishnan – 16th
Nika Filippov – 22nd
Liza Gregory -23rd
Olivia Tao – 24th
Evelyn Pham – 29th
Clare Logan – 30th
Claire Betzer – 32nd

Youth 12 Men’s Epee
Ark Ma – Silver
Alex Fray – Bronze
Tristan Tipler – Bronze
Sam Imrek – 5th
Nikita Bushuev – 8th
Sterling Gray – 12th
Nicholas Gregory – 14th
Ian Pham – 18th
Peyton Young – 20th
Elijah Imrek – 24T
Rishi Shiv – 27th
Harris Thomas – 32nd
Lyle Lundberg – 35th

Youth 12 Women’s Epee
Elizabeth Wang – Silver
Monica Balakrishnan – Bronze
Karen Wang – 6th
Juliana Rausch – 8th
Alexsandra Gregory – 11th
Christina Liu – 12th

Youth 14 Men’s Epee
Miles Weiss – Gold
Levi Hughes – Silver
Ark Ma – Bronze
Oliver Tipler – 6th
Evan Xu – 10th
Nicholas Gregory – 13th
Stephen Nehila – 16th
Sam Imrek – 18th
Alex Fray – 23rd
Siddhant Padhye – 25th
Rishi Shiv – 34th

Youth 14 Women’s Epee
Talia Weiss – Silver – D17
Ari Rausch – 6th
Amber Nussberger – 7th
McKenzie Moton – 9th
Karen Wang – 10th
Elizabeth Wang – 12th
Nika Filippov – 13th
Monica Balakrishnan – 17th
Clare Logan – 20th
Christina Liu – 24th

Junior Men’s Epee
Evan Xu – 2nd
Demetri Zacharakis – 5th
Rohaan Saripella – 6th
Miles Weiss – 8th
Brandon Wang – 10th
Alex Cope – 11th
Albert Landa – 13th
Will Smith – 15th
Robert Washbourne – 23rd

Junior Women’s Epee
Jessica Liang – Gold – B17
Ari Rausch – Silver
Liza Gregory – 7th
Talia Weiss – 8th
Jessica Thow – 15th
McKenzie Moton – 20th
Nika Filippov – 24th
Katherine Chen – 27th
Claire Betzer – 28th
Evelyn Pham – 29th




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Junior Olympic Fencing Championships
Kansas City, Missouri / February 17 – 20, 2017

For full list of results visit:


Ari Rausch
Silver / Cadet Women’s Epee

Isaac Herbst
Bronze / Junior Men’s Epee
11th / Cadet Men’s Epee

Sean Wilson
Bronze / Junior Men’s Epee

Gigi Vierheller
5th / Junior Women’s Epee

Point Winners:

Mike Bissinger
16th / Junior Men’s Epee
54th / Cadet Men’s Epee

Jessica Thow
16th / Cadet Women’s Epee
34th / Junior Women’s Epee

Barbara VanBenthuysen
18th / Junior Women’s Epee

Nick Wilson
18th / Junior Men’s Epee

Jonathan Piskovatskov
20th / Cadet Men’s Epee
21st / Junior Men’s Epee

Liza Gregory
32nd / Cadet Women’s Epee

Eliot Herbst
33T / Cadet Men’s Epee
51T / Junior Men’s Epee

Jessica Liang
38th / Cadet Women’s Epee

Aidan Antekeier
39T / Junior Men’s Epee

TJ Petrosewicz
47th / Junior Men’s Epee

Wolfe Crouse
56T / Cadet Men’s Epee

Junior Men’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy Team 1 – 4th
Wolfe Crouse, Jonathan Piskovatskov, Sean Wilson and Nicolas Wilson.

Alliance Fencing Academy Team 2 – 8th
Mike Bissinger, William Graber, Eliot Herbst, Nico Popovici.

Alliance Fencing Academy Team 3 – 14th
Alex Cope, Tarun Nair, Patrick Satterfield, and Demetri Zacharakis.

Junior Women’s Epee Team

Alliance Fencing Academy Team 1 – 7th
Jessica Liang, Ariana Rausch, Jessica Thow and Talia Weiss.

Alliance Fencing Academy Team 2 – 24th
Claire Betzer, Nika Filippov, Liza Gregory and Amber Nussberger.



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For full list of results visit:

Capitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
January 14 – 16, 2017 / National Harbor, Maryland


Ark Ma
Silver / Youth 12 Men’s Epee
36th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Lexy Caldera
7th / Youth 10 Women’s Epee

Point Winners:

Talia Weiss
9th / Youth 14 Women’s Epee

Miles Weiss
14th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Mihir Kumashi
16th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Nicholas Gregory
20th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

Nika Filippov
26th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Alexander Liu
30th / Youth 12 Men’s Epee

Damiano Marsili
33rd / Youth 14 Men’s Epee

Stephen Nehila
50th / Youth 14 Men’s Epee



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