Houston: Alliance Members

Alliance Annual Membership:

September 1 – August 31

Alliance Fencing Academy’s membership is required for all fencers who train at any Alliance location on regular basis. All members required to list Alliance Fencing Academy as their competition club at all local and national tournaments. Alliance membership year is valid for one fencing season from September through August 31 Membership is not refundable.

  • Alliance club affiliation & patch
  • Discounts for classes, individual lessons’ packages, fencing camps, seminars and other Alliance activities
  • Family discounts
  • Free assistance and coaching at Houston area local tournaments such as Junior Olympic Qualifiers, Summer Nationals Qualifiers, SYC, RYC, and ROC (coaching fees applies on Sundays only)
  • Unlimited fencing practice at all Alliance locations during the Academy’s operating hours (group and individual lessons are not included).
  • Monthly e-newsletter containing information on club, local area, regional, and national news as well as international news


$200 / individual
$300 / family

$50 / individual – Youth 5-8 and HomeSchool

Open Fencing Sessions:

Designed for recreational and competitive Adult and Veteran fencers who would like to attend open fencing sessions only. Includes unlimited open fencing sessions at all Alliance locations. Must be 21 years and above


$120 / month – two or more sessions per week
$80 / month – one session per week

Youth 5-8 Classes:

Designed for kids ages 5-8 who love “to play with the swords”. Kids will learn basic fencing rules and technique. They will be fencing each other using specially designed youth fencing gear. During these classes kids will be also playing different sport games. They will be doing stretching and coordination exercises.


$90 / month – once a week or
$140 / month – twice a week

Youth 9-10 Classes:

Designed for youth intermediate/advanced fencers (ages 9-10) who would like to continue to learn the sport of fencing and be competitive in the local and national events.


$165 / month

Youth 11-14 Classes:

Designed for youth intermediate/advanced fencers (ages 11-14) who would like to continue to learn the sport of fencing and be competitive in the local and national events.


$195 / month (includes the optional Open Fencing)

Cadet-Junior Classes:

Designed for cadet, junior, adult, and veteran intermediate/advanced fencers who would like to continue to learn the sport of fencing and be competitive in local, national, and international events.


$195 / month (includes the optional Open Fencing)

Adult Class:

Designed exclusively for beginner/intermediate fencers (working adults and fencing parents) who would like to learn fencing. For additional classes, open fencing sessions, and/or private lessons please contact us for more information.


$115 once a week class + one open fencing session / month

Homeschool Class:

Exclusively designed for homeschoolers in the Houston area.


$100 / for 1 class a week

$150 / for 2 classes a week

Individual Lessons:

Designed for fencers who would like to improve their individual fencing technique, and be competitive on national/international events.
Each lesson is 20-25 minutes long. Coach may consider to combine two lessons into one long, 40-45 minute lesson if needed.


$40 / single
$140 / package of 4
$330 / package of 10

Tournament Coaching Fees:

Coach’s expenses and fees for competitions are applied and divided equally among the number of Alliance fencers participating in specified local, national, and international tournaments.


$75$320 / per national tournament/depending on the tournament location, events entered, and number of fencers participating.

Payment Options:

You can pay by check, cash, or credit/debit card.Please make checks payable to “Alliance Fencing Academy” (1212A Cedar Post Lane. Houston, TX. 77055). To pay by credit/debit card please call 713-410-6655. Family deals apply as the following: second family member and up – 20% off (doesn’t apply for individual lessons or open fencing fees). All fees due on the first class of the Beginner Course.


Come join us and share the camaraderie of a results-oriented fencing club!
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