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What should I do first if I am interested in trying fencing at Alliance?

Beginner classes are offered for all ages, consisting of four hour and a half introduction to fencing sessions. In order to get more information about these classes, feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail.

How do I register?

Please fill out the online Registration Form below

How much does it cost?

$80 / for 1 class a week

$180 / for 2 classes a week and Open Fencing at either location

When and how do I pay?

You can pay by cash, check, or debit/credit card in advance or on the first day of class. Please make checks payable to Alliance Fencing Academy (1212A Cedar Post Lane, Houston, Texas 77055). To pay by debit/credit card please call 713-410-6655

What do I need in terms of equipment?

Don’t worry, Alliance will provide all the necessary equipment for beginning fencers. However, if after a couple of months of fencing you decide to keep fencing it’s probably a good idea to start investing in your own set of equipment.

How often should I count on coming to practice after the Beginner Course?

It all depends on your own individual preferences. You can choose to be a recreational fencer or a competitive fencer, but either way Alliance will provide you with the classes, coaching, and people to help you succeed in the sport. For youth fencers who choose to begin fencing competitively, we recommend coming to the youth class three times a week with competitive fencing on Saturdays. Then, cadet/junior/senior fencers (fencers from the age of 15 and up), we recommend you attend adult classes two times a week with optional free fencing sessions and competitive fencing on Saturdays. For more information about our training programs please see the Schedule and Fees link on the home page menu above


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