Group Classes

Our Academy offers

group fencing lessons (classes) for beginner, intermediate, and advance fencers of all ages (5 and up). During these classes fencers learn:

  • warm up, stretching, and coordination exercises
  • sport games, relay races, jump ropes, etc.
  • fencing and general fitness exercises
  • footwork, targets, and drills
  • fencing technique, strategy, and tactic
  • tournament rules and regulations
  • health and nutrition
  • armory

Classes are usually 8-16 fencers per class led by Head and Assistant Coaches. We offer 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 hour classes depends on fencers’ age. We pay great attention to the quality of teaching and to the discipline. We teach our students to respect their opponents, coaches, referees, and officials. We teach them how to become a competitive fencer and a team worker. Please check out the Schedule and Fees on the homepage menu (see above)

Whether you want to try out the sport of fencing or are an international competitor, we meet your needs.


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Come join us and share the camaraderie of a results-oriented fencing club!
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