Alliance Fencing Academy promotes good sportsmanship on and off the strip,
as well as an opportunity to train with the area’s finest coaches and international level athletes.

Our Fencers

Our fencing club is committed to excellence and the success of each fencer.

At Alliance Fencing Academy we have about 230 advanced, intermediate and beginner fencers
who fence with us in two different locations.

  • Alliance fencers earned over 20 medals at top international competitions including BRONZE medal at 2012 London Olympics (Courtney and Kelley Hurley), GOLD medals at the 2013 Cadet World Championships (Ari Simmons), European Cadet Circuit (Gigi Vierheller and Sean Wilson), and Junior World Cups (Anna Van Brummen and Gigi Vierheller)
  • Many of our fencers have received athletic and academic scholarships in the top US universities. Alliance fencers have been selected to represent NCAA fencing teams at Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Duke, UPenn, Northwestern, Penn State, Brandeis, Temple, the Air Force Academy, etc.
  • 16 of our fencers are members of Team USA and Great Britain national teams
  • Our fencers earned over 20 medals in various international competitions including world championships events
  • 32 are USA national champions and over 30 are in the national points standings
  • Over 150 fencers have earned classification letters from “E” to “A” at the different local and national tournaments.

Hall of Fame

US National Team Members and International Finalists:


Antekeier, Aidan (University of Notre Dame)

Antekeier, Madeline (University of Notre Dame)

Bassa, Francesca (Stanford University)

Bazarbayeva, Dina (Northwestern University)

Brandfield-Harvey, Neely (Columbia University)

Cramerus, John (New York University)

Hudson, Jack (Princeton University) / Great Britain

Hudson, Molly (University of Notre Dame) / Great Britain

Hurley, Courtney (University of Notre Dame), NYAC/Alliance

Hurley, Kelley (University of Notre Dame), NYAC/Alliance

Katz, Joel (Naval Academy)

Micek, Ally (Temple University)

Piskovatskov, Anton (Pen State University)

Popovici, Michael (Princeton University)

Ryf, Ally (St. John’s University)

Sanchez, Esteban

SanFilippo, Pietro

Shlimak, Matt (University of North Carolina)

Simmons, Ari(University of Notre Dame)

Simmons, Camille (Temple University)

Sorensen, Nathan A (Air Force Academy)

Tkachman, Sofya (University of Texas)

Vanbenthuysen, Barbara (Pen State University)

Van Brummen, Anna (Princeton University)

Vierheller, Gigi (Columbia University)

Weiss, Lewis (Ohio State University)

Wheeler, Stephanie (Wharton School of Business of UPenn, )

Wilson, Nicolas

Wilson, Sean

Wysocki, Joe

Wiley, Scott (Pen State University)

Witte, Bethlehem

Zacharakis, Darius (University of Notre Dame)

Zacharakis, Demetri


US National Finalists:


Bibb, Jonathan (Cleveland State University, OH)

Collins, Kara (Northwestern University, IL)

Geitgey, James

Graber, Andrew

Gray, Preston

Green, Ethan

Guerinot, Tim

Henzler, Tom

LoParco, Michael

Lupardos, Kassidy (Ohio Wesleyan University)

Merz, Brandon

Piskovatskov, Jonathan

Popovici, Alex

Popovici, Nico

Simpson, Suzanne

Smith, Dillon (Houston Baptist University, TX)

Thow, Jessica

Trapani, Daniel (Air Force Academy, CO)

Weiss, Talia

Wheeler, Suzette

Wilson, Corbin

Witte, Zion

Zientek, Abby

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