Points and Medals Gained at January NAC

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January North American Cup
January 6 – 9, 2017 / Columbus, Ohio


Gigi Vierheller
Silver / Junior Women’s Epee
Bronze / Division 1 Women’s Epee

Eliot Herbst
5th / Junior Men’s Epee

Point Winners:

Anna Van Brummen
9th / Division 1 Women’s Epee

Lewis Weiss
9th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Madi Antekeier
13th / Junior Women’s Epee

Darius Zacharakis
14th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Isaac Herbst
16th / Junior Men’s Epee
16th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Jonathan Piskovatskov
19th / Junior Men’s Epee
25th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Ari Rausch
21st Division 1 Women’s Epee
36th / Junior Women’s Epee

Barbara VanBenthuysen
21st / Junior Women’s Epee
42nd / Division 1 Womemn’s Epee

Jessica Liang
31st / Junior Women’s Epee

Anton Piskovatskov
33rd / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Ally Ryf
33rd / Division 1 Women’s Epee

Sean Wilson
36th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Ally Micek
41st / Junior Women’s Epee
64th / Division 1 Women’s Epee

Ari Simmons
45th / Division 1 Men’s Epee

Camille Simmons
58th / Junior Women’s Epee

Go Alliance!!!

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