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Congratulations to Cadet World Champion Ari Simmons and Junior World Cup Champion

1476019_861935617183832_8292780686421007533_nAnna Van Brummen for winning Division I North American Cup championship in Dallas on December 5-8, 2015

This weekend has been a great weekend for Alliance fencers! A total of 7 medals! Good job to everyone this weekend! (Listed bellow are all the point winners and medalists)

Div1 Men’s Epee:
1st- Ari Simmons
2nd- Lewis Weiss
12th- Jak Hudson
15th- Jonathan Piskovatskov
21st- Robin Cheong (Olympian/Alliance)
22nd- Darius Zacharakis

Div1 Women’s Epee:
1st- Anna Van Brummen
10th- Francesca Bassa
12th- Madi Antekeier
14th- Giana Vierheller
15fh- Molly Hudson
28th- Farrah Lee-Elabd (Olympian/Alliance)

Div2 Women’s Epee:
6th- Jessica Liang
7th- Lauren Natkin
8th- Bethlehem Witte

Div2 Men’s Epee:
2nd- Will Smith
7th- David King

Vet40 Women’s Epee:
3rd- Sabina Chernis

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